Broken Queue - GCodes are stuck in first phase

I was using the printing queue feature to schedule my prints, but suddenly all gcodes, that I insert into a queue don’t move to another phase (Printing, Completed) after starting a print. Have you got any advice?

Steps to reproduce:
Upload gcode (from slicer or via upload button)
Three dots → Add to Queue, select the printer
Queue page → hover over gcode and select print

Desired behaviour:
The print button from the hover menu starts print. Gcodes move to the Printing section and then to Completed.

Current Behavior:
The printer starts, but the gcodes stay in the Queue section



Hi @pavel.srytr :wave:
Thanks for let us know!
To be honest I leave my printing queue only for my Jobox automatizied Mk3 so I do not have experience with manual using queue like your case.
I will definitely mention @semik and ask him for his assistance :pray:

Once more thanks for reporting this bug to us :raised_hands:

Hi Pavel,

Thank you for the exemplary description of your use case, steps to reproduce, and desired behavior. We have fixed it, and now it should work as desired.

Please let us know whether it works for you now and if there is anything we can do to make your work even better.

In the near future, we plan to work on the print queue even more. We are exploring something we call “order” to hold information about objects to be printed/delivered together.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend,

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