Feature idea - distinguishing between prints that went all up to 100% and prints that failed. Counting them

from time to time something bad happens and I have to stop the print. Printing thus do not go up to 100%.

When I want to count how many prints I’ve done I cannot just count the start prints from printer or file history, but I need to keep failed prints count separately and subtract them.

Overall I am very happy with this product and how it is being improved over time.

Best regards

Hi Josef,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. We are really glad to hear that you are happy with Karmen. :love_letter:

I would like to ask you a few questions regarding the feature you mentioned.

  1. What is your use case/need for counting print jobs? What do you need such data for?
  2. How would it be best for you to “work” with failed print jobs?
  • Would it be enough to have some kind of “label” indicating a failed print job?
  • Do you also need a field for a description?
  • Do you require a summary page with print jobs, including filtering options (by printers, dates, “labels,” etc.)?

If you have more thoughts regarding this feature, could you please elaborate further? :brain:

Thank you very much!


Hi, thank for your reply,

to give you the context, I am currently printing a batch battery terminal and screw caps to make custom device with relatively huge batteries safe.

On single plate, I have e.g. 6 battery caps or 12 screw caps. The quantity needed is e.g. 240. After a few days of printing I loose track on how many were printed, so I ended up weighting the plastic bags with produced parts and dividing by weight of one piece.

For each file in Karmen, i can see history of prints, so that if i can tell the failed prints from the successful, it would be easy to see how many are done and how many are to be printed yet.

Label would be good enough. Adding a single number of total successful prints per file would be amazing. Having it in file details is enough, no need to have it in file list. Also no filters are needed, and it can be a sum over all (in my case just 2 currently working) printers.

I think in bigger setups with many printers it would maybe make a sense to count failures per printer as well, because printers with most failures should be probably serviced. But this is not the case for me at the moment.

Best regards

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Thank you for clarifying your use case. Now it makes complete sense to me, and I understand it. We will discuss this functionality with the development team, and I will come back to you once I have any news about this. If I’m not missing anything, I can imagine it won’t be difficult to implement such functionality, and some printer statistics look quite easy to implement since we already have all the necessary data.

Thank you for your idea, and if you have anything else, please share it with us! :blush: