File list loading acceleration and gcode labels improvement

Hey there,

I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve revamped the backend of Karmen responsible for data loading to the frontend. Put simply, when dealing with a large number of G-codes in Karmen, the application will now load faster, eliminating any unnecessary “loading” states that might hinder your work.

While this improvement may go unnoticed by some, it addresses a significant issue for users who rely on Karmen for their work or studies. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the functionality related to “G-code labels,” making them more user-friendly, particularly on mobile devices.

In short, I wanted to reassure you that we’re continuously hard at work on Karmen, even if it may seem quiet on our end :-).

If you have any ideas or feedback on how Karmen is performing, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Happy printing!


thank you a lot! As a makers, I think all of us understands, even a slight change is usually a product of a great deal of work. Personally, I am happier, that you do changes rather then just talk about them. You have ours gratitude.


Many thanks @semik :raised_hands:
That help so much on travels an controlling our printer via mobile.
To be honest 60-70% of time I get Karmen through computer - simply bigger screen.
But on travel it’s even more important to have fluent contron over printers.