Helga - my rebuild of Ender 5 Plus

In this thread, I will share the modification of my Ender 5+.
It may inspire someone and others may have much better suggestions for improvements :slight_smile:
Feel free to provide me with constructive criticism or ask questions about why I am doing certain things :slight_smile:

Minor task of rebuild:

  • swap of hotend to BIQU H2
  • swap original wheels on axis to linear rails MNG
  • instal of new Bigtreetech SKR 3 EZ motherboard
  • design and printing parts for linear rails, hotend mount etc.
  • i want to rebuilt it with klipper on raspberry

Czech version here

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After almost month itโ€™s good to give update :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: install linear rails
:white_check_mark: find/design mount onto MNG9H rail carrier for Y axis
:white_check_mark: find new proper way to tension belts

Letโ€™s dive little deeper

Instalation of linear rails
Part of progress with most changes :confused:
I wanna buy MNG12H but firend of mine got spare MNG9H to give me for free.
But until instalation I have no idea that bring so many new troubles :sweat_smile:
:x: MNG12 are wider so for MNG9 willbe needed print and use spacer
:x: smaller rails means smaller mounting screws so M3 => need to buy screws and Tnuts :sweat_smile:
:x: most of people used MNG12H so for MNG9 are almost no models shared :cry:

Luckily I found those spacer under rail on Printables

For tension I used published models
Tension of X axis
For Y axis tension I used remix of previous model

X axis mount
For mount X axis onto Y axis carriers I couldnโ€™t find any design so I design my own model.

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Iโ€™m really looking forward to this project!

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