Improvements to the Mobile Phone User Interface

Hey there,

This is just a short post about small changes to the Karmen user interface, especially related to mobile phones. We will continuously strive to improve the Karmen user experience by fine-tuning existing features.

The most significant change you’ll notice at first glance on mobile phones is the new mobile menu at the bottom of the screen, designed to help you navigate the application more easily.

Our statistics show that approximately 40% of users access Karmen from mobile phones. If there’s anything bothering you, please let us know :point_down: , and we will do our best to make improvements. Your feedback is genuinely important to us.

Have a great day! :sun_with_face:

Martin Bilek

Thanks. This is a huge improvement to me!

The only thing I would change is the label “tiskové soubory” in czech version as it is two lines and make the menu unnecessary big.

By the way, I see “videos” instead of “Print queue” in english version. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your feedback. We will make some changes to improve it. We are also aware of incorrect colors in the mobile menu in dark mode.