Introducing a new API token type for full read access to our REST API

Hey there,

This post will be mostly useful for those of you who know what a REST API is. :blush:

We still don’t have documentation ready for our REST API, but we are working hard on it. For now, I want to share with you that we have developed a new API token type for read operations (HTTP GET) with our API. Until now, it was only possible to use the API token for uploading Gcodes from PrusaSlicer, as described in our documentation: PrusaSlicer and Karmen

From now on, it’s possible to select the token type when creating a new API token (the token type choice is hidden under advanced settings).

You might have a question: “What can I do with this new API token? What is it good for?” It’s a good question, and of course, you can do a lot. For example, you can create a new frontend application for Karmen. Or, for something easier, check your printer’s status, create a mobile widget to show the latest Gcode upload, or develop a monitoring application for your print farm fleet - I’ll share more about this in another post soon.

As mentioned at the beginning of my post, our API documentation is still a work in progress. However, if you see some usage for our API, just let me know, and I’ll offer you free support and access to our work-in-progress documentation.

Do you have any questions? Please, feel free to ask. I’m eager to discuss with you. :point_down:

Have a nice day.


That’s great! The widget is useful for sure.

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