Join the Discussion: Karmen vs. Prusa Connect – What's Your Take?

Welcome to the discussion! We tested Prusa Connect and are convinced of the superiority of our solution, Karmen3D. However, we’re genuinely interested in hearing your opinion and engaging in an open debate about its comparison with both solutions. Join us as we compare the two, exploring their features, functionalities, and real-world applications. What’s your verdict? If you have experience with other similar tools such as Simplyprint, please feel free to share your thoughts here. Let’s dive in and exchange insights!

The topic is open also for Czech native users, so feel free to use the Czech language.

Have a nice day and happy printing,
Martin B.



i have never worked with Prusa Connect or any other software, however i feel like Karmen has all i need to control and work with my 3D printers. Also there are so many more functions, i haven’t even discovered yet. The biggest perk with Karmen are its developers, who communicate and help me with every problem i might run into. So for me, the choice is easy!
Is there anybody who sees it differently?

Happy printing fellas,
Vojta P.

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if we compare karmen with prusa connect, karmen has one huge advantage. Karmen’s API is easily accessible and it is relatively easy to connect custom devices. If the developers implement everything they said, then Connect will not be much competition.

Best regards Jan P.


Thank you all for your reactions. Your feedback is very important to us! We are working hard to make Karmen even better, and we hope that our efforts will make you happy as users.

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Hello everyone,

As we announced, we’ve taken a closer look at the PRUSA Connect solution and even made a minor comparison table on our website. We would appreciate your participation in the discussion, and if we’ve made any mistakes, we’re happy to correct them.

Thank you!

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I give a try with Mk4 and here are my ideas and feelings.
I was not charmed so didn`t try group function with more users.


:white_check_mark: no need to instal image on raspberry and just plug LAN into printer looks friendly.
:white_check_mark: Connection is easy and fast.
:white_check_mark: Connection works even with wifi.
:white_check_mark: Read filament type from printer. (Curious how it works with Mk3 which doesn`t have this attribute).


  • no big difference in functions
  • does not offer any advantage
  • 1GB cloud storage is not big but for free version enough
  • printing queue is not queue and I would call it “printing schedule”


:x: I miss my other non-Prusa printers like my klipper and Ender printers which I use at my workshop and got in Karmen without any trouble. Ok, got it Prusa SW only for their printer :unicorn:
:x: On Mk4 for camera feed you need additional device (so no difference between Karmen and Connect)
:x: Camera feed from phone/tablet got MAXIMALLY 1 snapshot per 10s ? ( Options are 10s/30s/60s )

Camera feed on Raspberry with PrusaConnect image could be fine but for Mk4 you will be forced to use old phone/tablet and it gets only 1 snapshot per 10s ?
I wrote to Karmen team that with all my printers sometimes camera feed in Karmen workspace is slideshow. Sorry guys

Hi Voyczech,

Thank you for your comparison. I would like to ask you, what do you mean about the UX/UI of both solutions? Are there any functions present in Prusa Connect that you miss in Karmen?


One more thing to add. MK4 keeps disconnecting on our office wifi - every couple of days we need to re-load wifi credentials.

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OK :sweat_smile: Thanks for let us know
It’s quite pitty