Karmen for the Schools


Especially for schools, we’re opening this thread to offer guidance and assistance in acquiring and implementing our solution for remote management and control of school’s 3D printers.

We’ve dedicated a special page on our website for schools where we summarize the key points:

  • We’ll assist you in securing financial resources for purchasing 3D printers and a system for their online control.
  • What benefits does Karmen bring to educators and staff?
  • Why do students want Karmen in their school?
  • How can Karmen help further popularize 3D printing at your school?
  • Where has Karmen already been helpful?

Please don’t hesitate to share anything related to 3D printing in your school. We’re here to help with everything and can also facilitate experiences from schools where 3D printers are controlled and managed online. Your communication helps us continually improve.

Thank you and have a great day,
Martin Burián
Karmen Team

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Hi @max from https://metroprep.org/,

Could you please share your experience and feedback on the Karmen 3D solution in your school based in the USA? Thank you very much and best regards.

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Dobrý den,

to bude asi nějaký omyl. V žádné škole sídlící v USA jsem Karmen 3D rozhodně nepoužíval. Jak jste na to prosím přišli? :joy:

S pozdravem Tomáš Sedlecký

Dobrý den, pane Sedlecký,

přišla Vám pravděpodobně notifikace na nové vlákno. Označoval jsem jiného uživatele :-). Omlouvám se, pokud to bylo nepřehledné a přeji Vám hezký den,
Martin Burián