Karmen in Raspberry PI Imager


I’ve been through the process of installing several Karmen-enabled Octipis, and I noticed that apparently you can add a custom image to the Raspberry Pi Imager. I noticed that there is even a category “3D printing” for what Karmen does, and it looks like an emerging marketplace is growing. Installing a new Octopi is not an everyday task, but it might help tremendously with onboarding toKarmen, I guess. The process of exchanging keys is straightforward but might be overwhelming for newcomers.

Would you consider adding Karmen to RPI Imager? I assume the Klipper community might appreciate that as well.




Hi Adam, thank you for your suggestion about adding Karmen to RPI Imager. It’s great, and we’ll certainly try to do it! I wish you a wonderful Advent time and thank you for your support.

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