Last features focused on 3D farms

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share my experience with the new features of the Karmen service, which make managing print farms easier. Here are four last updates I’ve tested:

  1. Bulk File Upload

    • We can now upload files in bulk! No more wasting time uploading files one by one. I can simply select all the necessary files at once, and the upload process is quick and efficient. This saves me a lot of time and simplifies the workflow.
  2. Dividing Printers into Subgroups

    • Printers can now be organized into subgroups based on various criteria such as model, material used, or their location (e.g., in a specific rack). This feature allows me to manage printers more efficiently and find the right one for a specific task faster. For example, I can easily create a group of printers designated only for ABS or PLA printing, which simplifies material management.

  1. Launching Prints on a Subgroup

    • This feature allows me to start a single gcode file on an entire group of identical printers simultaneously. I no longer need to select individual printers from whole workspace. I can just choose the appropriate subgroup. This is especially useful when I need to print the same object on multiple printers at once. The process is faster and more efficient.
  2. Loading Data from Klipper Printers

    • Karmen now loads macros and the console from Klipper printers and displays them directly in the application. This means I have all the data in one place and can easily monitor and manage printers with Klipper firmware. This integration provides me with better oversight and control over the printing process.

We are glad you like it and appreciate all observations and comments. We have many plans in development and feedback is extremely important to us.

Thank you very much,
Karmen team