Probleme avec klipper FLSUN V400


J’ai bien reussi à configurer ma ender 3 avec octoprint sur karmen mais je n’arrive pas à connecter mon imprimante flsun v400 sous klipper, j’ai suivis la procedure decrite sur votre site mais je n’arrive pas à acceder a mon imprimante.


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Hi Richard,

thank you for your feedback. I feel sorry that your second printer doesn’t connect on first try.
Could you please send us you logs from klipper so we can find out where the problem is?
I would ask for files klippy.log and log of your UI (Mainsail, Fluid, etc)
Thank you

I’m tagging my colleague @czervenka to help me with this case :slight_smile:

Hi Richard.

Thank you for your feedback.

I prepared a diagnostic script. Could you please run the following command on your printer (over SSH) and post the output here? The script runs few diagnostics which help me to find the source of the problem.

The command is:

curl -s | sudo bash -s

Thank you

Hi @czervenka here is reply from Mr. Wollonislow

Hi, Thank you very much to help me, I made the command :

is clonned … OK
npm is installed … OK
… node version: v19.9.0
repository exists … OK
… git hash: 981d0ff
repository is clean … OK
Unit websocket-proxy.service could not be found.
service exists and is running … Failed
… status is: Unit websocket-proxy.service could not be found.

Could you please suggest best solution :slight_smile:

Thank you Mr. Wollonislow for your reply.
I want to apology, ticket was private to support member and I forgot to transform it to message.
Already done, so we could finish ticket here and solve your problem.
This is our community forum where you can login via your account.

Best regards

Hi, it looks like the installation script did not finished or the system of the printer is not compatible and we need to adapt the installation. Give me a minute, I will investigate.

Your printer is using operating system flsun system 1.0 but I found no information about it.

Could you try to reinstall the connector using this command?:

cd /home/pi && cp printer_data/config/karmen-key.txt /home/pi &&rm -rf websocket-proxy && curl -s | sudo bash -sx $(cat ~/karmen-key.txt)

… and send the output here to this chat if it will not solve connection problem.

Hi Richard.

Did you have time to try the command? Did it solve connection problem?

Thank you.

Best regards,


Sorry for my late answere

cp: cannot stat ‘printer_data/config/karmen-key.txt’: No such file or directory


Hi Richard. Thanks for replay.

I hoped that the file will be there (it is written by Can you try installation with a fresh key?

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new key as described in documentation in section “Creating a device key”.
  2. Run this command on printer: cd /home/pi && rm -rf websocket-proxy && curl -s | sudo bash -sx <device-key> where <device-key> is the key created in step 1.

This will reinstall the service and shows additional debugging output userfull for prospective further investigation.

Best regards,

found 0 vulnerabilities

  • echo ‘Preparing config for websocket proxy’

Preparing config for websocket proxy

  • CONFFILE=/home/pi/printer_data/config/websocket-proxy.conf

  • sudo -u pi tee /home/pi/printer_data/config/websocket-proxy.conf

tee: /home/pi/printer_data/config/websocket-proxy.conf: No such file or directory

it’s complicated enough for someone like me who doesn’t know anything about code, and I’m not reassured to launch scripts without knowing if I can possibly be hacked. I think I’ll drop karmen and switch to plug and play.

Thank you for your help and time

This is definitely not fault on you site. You are doing it perfectly. It seems that you found a bug in our installation script. Give me few minutes, I’ll send you an updated version.

I checked the installation script and there’s not a bug in it. This error indicates that Klipper (printer firmware) is not installed the standard way. The printer creator probably made some customisations.

Therefore, I’m afraid that installing Karmen connector on this printer will not be plug and play but will require higher degree of IT knowledges.

This printer is not compatible with Karmen now.

P.S.: In my former short replay I made a typo and I wrote ˜This is definitely fault …" and it should be “This is definitely not fault on you site” I’m sorry for the typo. You made great job. Thank you for your time and help with finding the root cause of the installation process failure. I hope we will make this knowledges into smoother installation process or better documentation for the others.

Thanks for your feedback. the problem is that flsun v400 printers are sold as standard which does not allow an ssh connection to the klipper firmware because there is a code that the manufacturer does not provide.

users of this printer are forced to install a modified version to be able to make an ssh connection with their printers.

so karmen will not work with flsun v400, too bad

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Hi Richard,
may I ask you for permission to make this conversation public topic to let others to see it?
Thank you for reply


If there is safe, I’m ok

Thank you

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