Upload Gcode to printer timeout

Hi- We continue to get this message when sending Gcode to the printers. Upload popup continues with swirling circle for an extended period of time even after the prints start followed by a message “Upload Gcode to printer timeout”.

Everything prints fine and the file is seen in Octoprint. Happens on wireless or wired connection. Just wanted you to know. Thanks!

Info: All current builds
Win 10 Pro
Chrome Browser
(5) Prusa MK3S+
Octoprint on Pi Zero 2 W
1GB Business fiber connection.

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Hi Max,
I’m very happy that you let us know!
Sometimes I get this message too. It mostly when it more than 24h long print :sweat_smile:
Could you say how big is your printfile?
Thanks for feedback. Active and comunicating user like you helps us improve Karmen :raised_hands:

Tagging colleagues for info @semik @czervenka

Thank you for the reply. This happens on most prints. The previous message happened with a 24.14 MB print, however I have seen the same thing with a 5 MB print. Sorry I know this doesnt help much. We can live with it because the service you provide is such a great tool for us!


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No worries, it’s info I needed. Also thank you for your swift reply.
I’m really curious what cause to show this message.
This will be more likely for @semik and @czervenka
Thank you for your lovely words :raised_hands: We’re happy that you like Karmen.

Hi Max,

two weeks ago we did some changes in Karmen, that may make it better when starting print job. May I ask whether you see any better Karmen behaviour regarding timeout bug?

To give you wider context, we know, where the problem is, but it’s more komplex change in Karmen and it will be part of bigger release in future. For now we are trying to improve current solution. That’s why I’m asking whether you see any better or no :slight_smile:

Thank your very much!


I just updated the plugin and will send a bunch of prints through. Is there a specific browser you would like testing done on? We primarily use google chrome.

Google Chrome is ok, it should work well in any standard browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox…

Thank you!