Upload Gcode to printer timeout

Hi- We continue to get this message when sending Gcode to the printers. Upload popup continues with swirling circle for an extended period of time even after the prints start followed by a message “Upload Gcode to printer timeout”.

Everything prints fine and the file is seen in Octoprint. Happens on wireless or wired connection. Just wanted you to know. Thanks!

Info: All current builds
Win 10 Pro
Chrome Browser
(5) Prusa MK3S+
Octoprint on Pi Zero 2 W
1GB Business fiber connection.

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Hi Max,
I’m very happy that you let us know!
Sometimes I get this message too. It mostly when it more than 24h long print :sweat_smile:
Could you say how big is your printfile?
Thanks for feedback. Active and comunicating user like you helps us improve Karmen :raised_hands:

Tagging colleagues for info @semik @czervenka

Thank you for the reply. This happens on most prints. The previous message happened with a 24.14 MB print, however I have seen the same thing with a 5 MB print. Sorry I know this doesnt help much. We can live with it because the service you provide is such a great tool for us!


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No worries, it’s info I needed. Also thank you for your swift reply.
I’m really curious what cause to show this message.
This will be more likely for @semik and @czervenka
Thank you for your lovely words :raised_hands: We’re happy that you like Karmen.