Upload to Karmen from Ultimaker Cura using the Octoprint Connection plugin


I’ve just given a try to Ultimaker Cura and I wanted to use the “Upload to Karmen” functionality I’m familiar with from Prusa Slicer. It doesn’t work and it seems it’s due to a funny limitation in the Cura UI or the Cura Octoprint Connection plugin. The URL is too long for the input field in Cura and gets truncated! :rofl:

I tried to use the URL for upload I’m using for uploading to Karmen from CLI with the curl command. The URL I pasted was:


I know this isn’t technically a Karmen issue, but for future reference, it might be useful to know it doesn’t work (yet). I assume the right way of fixing this would be to file an issue or even a pull request in the [ Cura OctoPrint Connection plugin](GitHub - fieldOfView/Cura-OctoPrintPlugin: Cura plugin which enables printing directly to OctoPrint and monitoring the process)


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Hi Adam,

It looks like you are working hard with Karmen; thank you for that! :blush:

I agree that it would be best to create a pull request directly for the Cura-OctoprintPlugin. However, for now, I found it easier to create a shorter version of the URL path that you can use with Cura. Could you please try it?


Let me know if it works for you.


Thank you a million for the super quick workaround, and many apologies for the radio silence. I tried it, and it fixes the problem with the URI length, but it doesn’t work for the upload, unfortunately.

Cura apparently makes a pre-flight request to test the general availability of the Octoprint API (the API URI root maybe?). It would need some further serious debugging. Man in the middle wireshark or HTTP(s) proxy log on a genuine Octoprint server maybe? If It bothers me further, I’ll give it a try, but currently, the curl CLI upload does magic.


Thanks for the feedback and testing. We’ll revisit this later, as we need to install Cura and the plugin, and that requires some time. However, the issue is in our backlog, and I’ll get back to you once we have more information.

Thank you!