What's New: Advanced Analytics for Your G-Code Files

Hey there,

Last week, we worked hard to implement G-code analysis. Now, when you browse through the G-code list, you’ll see additional information extracted from the G-code file, such as printing time, filament used, layer height, nozzle diameter, filament type, etc. We will continuously extend the amount of information available.

Looking ahead, all this information will be utilized to perform some “magic” with the data. For example:

  • Calculating total printing time per printer, workspace, or user.
  • Measuring filament used per printer, workspace, or user.
  • Determining the cost per G-code, user, or order (note: orders have not yet been released).

We would be grateful for your feedback and ideas on what can be achieved with the data you have in Karmen.

If you’re still with me, I have a favor to ask of you. Since Karmen is still free and we’re striving to build a community around it, it would greatly help us if you could share your experience with Karmen on your social media, with friends or colleagues, or even here in the forum or in the comments below.

And if you’re still looking for more to read, check out this blog post by @martin.burian on our website, summarizing what’s new in Karmen from a broader perspective.

Here in Prague, it’s sunny. Although it’s only spring, it feels like summertime. Wishing you a sunny and restful weekend! :sun_with_face:

Best, Martin


Great! :pray:
That’s feature I miss :slight_smile:
It’s great to have opportunity look

For me as farm operator would be great to know Statistic like

  • printed material
  • amount of printed material (length and grams)
  • set value of filament (at least by material)
  • printime

And option to sort/filter it by:

  • printer
  • workspace
  • user
    and all in overall sums and period of time (school year or months)

I know that SimplyPrint e.g. got other like

  • success rate
  • avg. print time
  • print time
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Thank you for your feedback. We are going to release some statistical features in the next couple of weeks, so any suggestions like this may help us make the first version even better.


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